How we use your data

In order to meet the NHS aim of providing you with the highest quality of health care, we need to keep records about you, your health and the care we have provided or plan to provide.

Your records may include:

Basic details about you, contact we have had with you, notes & reports about your health,details of care & treatrment or relevant information from people who care for you and know you well i.e health professionals.

It is good practice in the NHS for care providers to:

Discuss & agree with you what they will record about you, to show you what they have written about you if you ask.

How your records are used:

The people who care for you use your records to:

Provide a good basis for all health decisions made in consultation with you & other health care professionsls, Deliver appropriate health care, make sure your care is safe and effective and work effectively with others providing you with health care.

We keep your information confidential as we have a legal duty to keep any information about you confidential.

Click here to view our poster on how your data matters to the NHS.


Walsall CCG Medicines team, practice based pharmacists and other NHS Pharmacy teams will be supporting GP practices to conduct medication reviews, clinincal audits, medicine safety and medicines optimisation initiatives for patient care.Should you not wish your medical records to be used in this way, please contact a member of staff at any time.